The Seventeenth season of the Home Renovation series Yard Crashers will premiere in April, 2017

DIY Network

Anyone with a yard in desperate need of a facelift should wish to the almighty DIY Network for a chance for the Yard Crashers to come in and fix it up in two days. A simple trip to the home improvement store could bring home more than you bargained for… in a good way! As the host visits such stores looking for potential targets, one lucky homeowner may end up with a professional landscaper and a new look for their land. The series is currently hosted by a professional landscaper, Chris Lambton, with the help of his wife, Peyton. Anyone who needs a little guidance in the landscaping department, with easy and quick fixes that make a statement, YC is the show to watch.

When can people expect to see the next season of #YardCrashers?

The series has been on since 2008, and remains one of the first and most popular yard renovation television series. There is a whole franchise of Crashers shows, which shows just how popular the concept is. The series is now in its 16th season and has an astounding 8 out of 10 stars on That being said, it’s safe to say there will be a 17th season, likely in the fall.

How are people reacting to the show? 

The concept of the show is fun for many viewers because the host goes into a home improvement shop and finds an unwilling suspect who is in need of a yard redesign. Critics of the show have wondered how much of the series is scripted or planned ahead of time, because some of the things that happen seem like it wouldn’t happen without preplanning. Some people also wonder if the work that is done is actually quality in the amount of time it takes them, and how much of it is lasting. People also want to know how much it is maintained after the completion of the series, because people who let their yards get that bad in the first place might not be too keen on keeping it looking good. The popularity of the Crashers franchise has grown to include a huge audience and fan base that is unrivalled by any other home improvement franchise.

What are some of the projects they’ve completed during the current season?

So far during the season, a pink patio seriously lacking entertainment space is fixed up to create a luxurious space. One rustic farm’s owners are trying to come up with a way to coexist in their yard. Another patio is in need of some cover to help protect it from the harsh sun. An overgrown yard is turned into a putting green with a nice redwood deck. A couple who is particularly fond of wine enjoy their new bar made out of wine barrels.

Are there any similar shows to #YC? 

The popularity of landscaping shows have grown significantly over time, as people become more involved in DIY and home renovations. There are several shows about people in need of yard makeovers, including I Hate My Yard and Desperate Landscapes. In the Crashers franchise, there are several other shows including House Crashers, Kitchen Crashers and Bath Crashers. Each of them starts by surprising an unsuspecting victim in a home improvement store.

Who is the host of the series?

Known from his appearance on The Bachelorette, Chris Lambton is a professional landscaper. Joined with his wife Peyton Wright, who was from The Bachelor, the duo tackles overgrown yards and transforms them into backyard oasis. Lambton also brings his talents to the landscaping series Going Yard.

October 7, 2016
The DIY Network is currently in production for season 17 of Yard Crashers with a premiere date of April 2017. Backyard makeovers have never been this much fun, and with host Matt Blashaw returning, they’ll have one of the better hosts from over the old seasons.
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