So far, BBC Two has kept mum about whether or not Still Game will return for season 8


Scottish sitcom Still Game is currently airing its seventh season on BBC Two. Produced by The Comedy Unit with BBC Scotland, this show stars and was created by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill. The two leads play Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade, two retired men from Glasgow who are trying to add a positive edge to lives that many would consider mundane looking in from the outside.

SG has undergone a lot of changes to get where it is today. The Jack and Victor characters originally appeared as a stage play, where along with friend Winston Ingram, they were stuck in a flat and discussed various subjects, from death to sex. The characters briefly appeared in a tongue-in-cheek documentary about Scottish pop music called Och Around the Clock, before showing up in Kiernan and Hemphill’s previous show, Chewin The Fat. This is where the bulk of people learned to love Jack and Victor before the show began.

Some of the upcoming plots for this season include the residents of Craiglang being taken with a bunch of gadgets from a catalog, only to find that they are not nearly as useful as they look. Another episode shows Jack and Victor trying to give Fergie unconventional marriage advice, with poor results. One sad change for the latest season is the loss of recurring character, Pete “The Jakey” McCormack, following the passing of actor Jake D’Arcy in 2015. The show is respectfully retiring the character as well, with the community reflecting on how much they cared about him even though he was homeless, while his true legacy is discovered. How do you like the sendoff of Pete?

#StillGame has become a beloved show for Scottish fans, as well as around the U.K. Critics have considered the show to become classic comedy, praising not only the humor but the warmth and chemistry between the cast. #StillGame currently has a 9.1 on IMDb and 8.8 on Rotten Tomatoes. #SG fans will be happy to know that the show is not only a ratings success, but numbers for the latest season have actually gone up. The season 7 premiere has earned 3.20, above any number last season.

All these combined factors mean that another season for SG is very likely. Not only is the show itself still going strong with viewers and critics, but there are also several live shows and specials going on as well. With plenty of material to work for, this looks like it will be a TV staple for quite some time to come.

Region 2 DVDs are available for Seasons 1-6, as well as #SG Live At The Hydro, which includes over an hour of footage not seen on TV.

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9 months 27 days ago

Watch this on Netflix, across the pond. This show is the best!! Please keep going with it, we love it. Too funny!

J Turner
J Turner
8 months 29 days ago

Best comedy show for years so topical makes comedy as it used to be !