'El Negocio' Is Renewed For Season 4, So Let's Look Back On Our Favorite Segments

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HBO is well-known for peddling sexuality in their TV dramas in recent years even above that seen in made-for-TV series’ and movies. This has been hotly parodied and commented with regards to their most popular product of recent years, Game of Thrones. Anyone who is familiar with the show, either by watching it or by reading information about it, will know that it is highly sexualized, with matters of both errant wantonness and hungry passion underlying many of the motivations in the plot. For a US television channel, HBO has also been surprisingly forward about showing these encounters on screen in medias res, as well, rather than solely relying on camera magic and nude human bodies to imply it, as is so often the case.

It would appear that the major cable network has a similar strategy in Latin America. In 2013, they began to air Brazilian scripted drama O Negócio, which is the next step in their commercialization of the topic of sex – this series not only contains sex, but it is about sex. The synopsis is that three female prostitutes band together to form an escort service with a catchy brand name (Ocean Bleu) and marketing. Their business savvy allows them to expand their operations and get into the corporate world, where they are able to place their brand name on a variety of products and market them to the general public.

The third season of the show was released in late 2016. Three seasons deep, the group’s business venture has been turned into a corporation and is being traded publicly, thanks to help from investors. The series is also seeing the return of many old characters and the women are said to be coming closer to reaching their goals of finding true love as new male characters are introduced for the world-weary female protagonists.

El negocio (or O negócio in the original Portuguese) has been predictably popular. The acting is strong, the production values are high (it is said that the first season was filmed in over 100 locations), and the subject matter is especially appropriate for the Latino market. Shows of the lives of the business elite, such as Betty La Fea, have been especially popular there since the beginning of the 21st century. Combine this with sex and you have yourself a predictable winner. The show currently holds a very high 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb, where it is rated by almost 1,000 users. For a Brazilian series, this is an impressive number.

It appears that El Negocio could go on for a few more seasons, but as the third season has just started, it is unlikely that HBO Latin America will be making any specific announcements on season 4 any time soon. The lead actresses are happy with their positions in press releases, and even claim that the series is just coming into its creative maturity now that the cast and writers are comfortable with each other. We will have to wait until early next year to see what happens. One thing is certain – once word gets out of season 4’s approval or cancellation, we will let you know. Just sign up for our email notification list down below to receive a quick email when #ElNegocio is renewed for season 4 or when it is cancelled.

Are you following along with this show in season 3? Do you think Magali will find true love and get married any time soon? Do you find the dubbing from Portuguese to Spanish distracting? Let us know your opinions down below.

December 28, 2016
Thanks for the heads up, Gozadera!
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1 year 1 month ago

I came across the show purely by accident while surfing HBO Latino.I fell in love with the series and binged watched all three seasons,Luna is my favorite character.I hope HBO renews another season because I am hooked. Alice was another good series that I was sorry to see cancelled.Looking forward to seeing El Negocio

1 year 23 days ago

Love this show! I also came across it while I was surfing HBO Latino and there happened to be a season 1 marathon before the premiere of season 2. It’s so smart and creative. Also, Rafaela Mandelli (Joanna/Karin) confirmed season 4 on her instagram, I’m so excited! https://www.instagram.com/p/BNu0qPbjuca/?taken-by=rafaelamandelli&hl=en

6 months 2 days ago

I like the Portuguese version with English subtitiles. I just don’t like dubbing at all!