There's still no official word on whether ABC plans to bring the The Chew back for season 7


The conquest of daytime television by some of the common ancestor of contemporary reality television, talk shows, continues. When cooking/talk show hybrid The Chew premiered on TV, the once perennially beloved soap opera All My Children, was one of the casualties lying in its wake. With consistently high ratings, ABC proved that its executives still have the acumen to make the decisions that get the highest number of bodies into those well-worn grooves of their couches.

It is no surprise that @Chew comfortably dominates its time slot. Its panel of five veteran foodies has the opinionated sass as the conversational creativity and chemistry to capture the audience’s attention on the strength of their personalities alone. Combine this with the universal love of food and you have a powerful potent recipe for fodder which can be played in front of couches, in waiting rooms, and on restaurant TV’s all across the land. At its heart, @Chew is a benign talk show focusing on cooking and the health effects of different foods which surely features prominently among the background noise in countless American homes on a daily basis.

It is surprising that the show can be produced so consistently. It airs every weekday and the episodes from season one through season six, which is the current season, together total over 1,000. The cast seems to have no problem with this arrangement, as it hasn’t changed since its inception and is becoming as iconic in daytime television as its brother show on the ABC network, The View. In fact, cast members still have sufficient leeway to star in other shows. Culinary expert and Chew panelist Michael Symon, for example, is the host for another food-related program called Burgers, Brew, & ‘Que, in which co-star Mario Batali also appears.

This is good news for the fans of the program, as the stalwart hosts don’t give any indication of burnout on the show. The tale of the tape continues to foreshadow a strong performance as well in raw numbers. At the onset of season 5, #Chew boasted almost three million viewers. These numbers are equally strong going into season 6, rivaling the reach of the most popular daytime talk shows on broadcast television. This is a huge champion for ABC and is unlikely to go anywhere.

While the Nielsen ratings are the most important indicators of a show’s longevity, it is also worth noting that #Chew is also strong in critical circles, having won or been nominated for several Emmy awards. It currently holds a 100% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And who could deny it this rating? The cast is certainly clever and the content inoffensive enough to garner strong viewership. This only adds to the possibility of reaching a similar grand old age to daytime TV staples such as Oprah and The View. In light of these facts, a seventh season is sure to be approved for 2017.

What are your thoughts on The Chew? Do you think it can overtake The View as daytime’s most popular program? Will we continue to see more spins on talk shows along the same lines as The Chew or The Dr. Oz Show?

Whatever news is received, we will certainly keep foodies informed of when this daily show will continue as soon as word is released on it. Subscribe below in order to receive an e-mail notification when The Chew’s seventh season is confirmed.

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10 months 18 days ago

I miss the old shows with Emerald, or Mario, or Sarah, Ming, etc., when the shows were about cooking. The chew was interesting to me when it first started, then it got to be more “Arts and crafts”, and not enough cooking education. But that is just me., retired and a little bored.

12 days 5 hours ago

I love the variety that the chew has. I love the entertainment value and I love the comraderie of the hosts. I wouldn’t even care if they went down to 3-4 hosts, which, let’s face it was most of last season anyway.