So far, TLC hasn't renewed Curvy Brides for a Second season, but that's not necessarily a bad sign


A lot of women spend a long time trying to lose weight so that they can fit into that perfect wedding dress for their big day. For many others it just isn’t that easy, so they need to have their larger sizes catered for. It’s these plus-size ladies that TLC’s Curvy Brides focuses on. The American reality television show (which premiered on August 1st 2014) features Yukia and Yuneisa, two sisters who specialize in dressing curvy brides in preparation for that special day in their lives.

They own the salon Curvaceous Couture, (located in Maryland, Washington DC), which stocks top of the line wedding gowns designed to fit bodies of larger women. The pair began their store in the basement of their father’s house, but has since grown into a massive 5,000 square foot store in a prominent part of the city. The second season of the show premiered on May 1st 2015, and both seasons are produced for TLC by Half Yard Productions (who have also created Say Yes to the Dress and Best in Bridal).

So how does the show work? Well, on a typical episode, Yukia and Yuneisia meet with clients whose shapes vary drastically, from square to pear-shaped. Due to their being no normal shape, the sisters carry a large selection of wedding dresses to suit a wide variety of body sizes and forms. In addition to greeting and meeting the brides, Yukia and Yuneisia also work together with bridal designers in order to select new garments for their store. It can be tough, with them having to make their inventory unique as well as trying to adhere to latest trends, taking into account affordability and the sizes they will likely need.

It’s an interesting premise for a show, but how well has it spoken to audiences – will #CurvyBrides keep viewers around for a second season, or is it destined to be left at the altar? Unfortunately, as yet there has been no official word from TLC as to whether the show will return for a second outing, so to get an idea of that likelihood, we need to look at the show’s viewership numbers and review feedback. Firstly, critical response has been quite good, with focus drawn on the positive message the show sends about being overweight, but still happy and deserving of love. In addition, the sisters themselves seem to be quite popular – showing off their charisma, friendliness and desire to help the brides-to-be.

In terms of viewership numbers, the show has done quite well, drawing in an average of 745,000 people per episode. It also has a fairly okay rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDB, which is actually quite high compared to other reality television shows of this nature, as well as a great rating of 4.5 stars out of five on content streaming service, Amazon Instant Video.  In addition, it helps that the sisters bring their enthusiasm, charisma, humor and passion to the show and their family-run business. We can’t say for sure, but if we had to put money on it, we would say that it’s likely #CurvyBrides will be back on our televisions soon.

There are currently no Blu-Ray or DVD copies of CB available to buy. However, you can access the show via content streaming service, Amazon Instant Video. Each episode will set you back $2.99, or you can pick up the entire season for $24.99. Additionally, if you live within the US, you can also try and catch reruns on TLC via Dish Network: 183 (HD/SD), 4DTVDigital: AMC-10-604, DirecTV 280 (HD/SD), Verizon FiOS: 639(HD)/139(SD), AT&T U-verse: 1250(HD)/250(SD). Unfortunately, if you are outside of the US, then Amazon is going to be your only way to legally watch episodes.

How do you feel about a show that features plus-sized brides – do you agree that it is trying to present a positive message, or do you think that it only serves to highlight the obesity epidemic that America is suffering from?  Have you watched the show and have a favourite bride – what was it about them that you really liked? Have you, or anyone that you know actually visited the shop and met either of the sisters?

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