When Does 'My Dirty Little Secret' Season 4 Premiere? It's Not Renewed Yet, But Its Chances Are Pretty Good


We’ve all got little secrets hiding in the closet. I used to steal change from a pot on my parent’s room’s window sill; some people cheat and steal. However, My Dirty Little Secret delves into the world of people with really, really dark secrets. The kind of secret that would send you to jail for the rest of your life, or ruin your reputation and relationships permanently.

Unearthing the sadistic tendencies of some people who seem otherwise to be fully civil, functioning members of society, this show reveals the darkness behind the smiles of the people it investigates. As Investigation Discovery’s blurb says Deep down, everybody’s got something to hide.”  

They say it’s always the quiet ones. One episode tells the story of a well-respected nurse and a successful soldier in the US army. Yet affairs and revenge lurk under the surface, and this episode is like turning a log over and seeing the worms on the underside. This theme of people from who you’d expect nothing but a house in order being guilty of the most heinous crimes.

If you haven’t seen it (we recommend you rectify that), the show has a formula of introducing the characters as they are seen in the public eye, while introducing slowly but surely the twist in the tale that makes this a worthy story to cover. With interviews from those close to both the victims and the perpetrators, and re-enactments throughout, the show provides for a gripping viewing experience.

The first season aired on Investigation Discovery in 2013, and is now three seasons in, with the third ending in 2015. The first season had only six episodes, but the second and third both have 13 episodes, highlighting viewers’ appetite for these juicy stories of lies and cover-ups. The last episode aired on the 15th of April last year. While there hasn’t been an announcement yet for the new series, expect one soon.

It has a great rating of 7.8 on IMDB, and the increase in episodes for the proceeding seasons highlights fans appetite for more.

What make this show so appealing, and what will ensure Investigation Discovery make the right call and decide to renew it, is that it speaks to us on a deeply personal level. I’ll explain.

No matter how minor, we all have secrets that we’d rather not have our wider social circle become aware of (let alone the general public). Whether its small betrayals, secret potentially inflammatory opinions, knowing something you shouldn’t, or something you regret, we all have something that we think would mess everything up if it was found out.

And should this apply to you, you’ve also probably played out the scenario of people finding out and the ramifications of revelation. This show fills this imaginative mold by playing out the very worst cases of this sort of revelation.

Episodes like Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire? where a family man has deep secrets that may lead to his downfall. Or The Price of Murder, where a power couple is ruined by family troubles that resurface to mess everything up. And which fan of the show could forget The Ben Novack Jr. Story, where the fallout from the death of a wealthy family man leads to dark secrets and family feuds.  

For the next season, what kind of story would you like to see covered? How about an affair involving a high-ranking public figure, leading to all sorts of scandal? Or a murder by the last person anyone expected?

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