Unfortunately, no official word is in yet regarding whether Doctors season 19 will be renewed or cancelled (no!) by BBC One just yet


When it comes to the medical field, people can’t get enough of it dramatized which is why BBC1’s popular soap opera Doctors is now into its eighteenth season after it premiered in 2000. It follows a team of doctors at a University Campus Surgery and a Doctor’s surgery, along with their families and friends. Throughout the show there are recurring storylines, as wells as introducing new patients throughout the episodes. The show has continually been highly rating, gaining viewers consistently then reaching a plateau where it has hovered around since then. The show runs fairly consistently with seasons backing up to one another, and has won several soap opera awards since its inception. It has now released more than 1600 episodes.

How are people reacting to the new season?

The thing about the series being a soap opera is that it is very engaging and easy to get sucked into what’s going on. It doesn’t require a lot of waiting to find out what is coming up next because the next episode is only a day away. There isn’t even any waiting between seasons. The show doesn’t have the best actors and actresses, but it is easy viewing. One of the biggest things that people point out is that they’d like to have the doctor’s offices featured in the show, because the receptionist is always smiling and there are never any “waits”. If people watching it are expecting award winning acting and incredible writing, they’re not going to get it, but for those who want a daily show with intriguing characters, this is the type of show to watch.

What’s happened so far in the season?

There’s a lot going on this season, Sid and Ayesha are on the hunt for a house, but Sid might not be the best one to do the cooking once they find a place because he later tries making a curry that doesn’t go according to plan. Alice is pregnant, and living with both her ex boyfriend, and her current, albeit convict, boyfriend. Who is the father? Alice isn’t the only one who is pregnant, after Daniel runs into an old friend with a young, pregnant girlfriend. The Treehouse trial is continuing into this season after its introduction in 2015.

When can we expect to see the next season?

As the ratings have stayed decent throughout, there is a pretty strong chance the show will continue in 2017 continuing after the 18th season ends in April, picking up shortly after. It’s hard to say where the show will go almost a year from now, because so many episodes will have passed, and they change nearly from episode to episode. They may be due for a new doctor or two during that season, and someone may be nearing the end of his or her tenure on the show. It’s easy to pick up or leave off here and there, because the content is always fresh.

Are there any new doctors featured on this season?

So far in the eighteenth season, the show has introduced two new doctors, both on April 14 at just after the season began. Rhiannon Davis is played by Lucy-Jo Hudson, and Paul Cuthbert is played by Andrew Moss.

What are some of the awards the show has won?

The show has won and been nominated for several awards since its inception. It has received four BAFTA nominations in its early years. Most recently, in 2015 it received a British Soap Award for Best Newcomer when Jessica Regan was introduced to the cast. In addition to that it received nine different nominations during the same awards show.

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