A precise date has yet to be locked down, though, we do know Vikings season 5 will air sometime in February 2017


For history buffs or anyone who likes a little rugged action, the History Channel’s historical drama Vikings is a must watch. The inspiration for the series comes from the legendary Norse Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok. #Vikings follows Ragnar as he becomes the king of Denmark, and highlights how he gained fame and notoriety for raiding England to get there. He has the help of his fellow warriors, including his brother and son, as well as his wives. The show is now into its fourth season since it premiered in 2013, and is highly acclaimed with several awards and nominations under its name. The show has gained notability since its first season, and has since continued to gain momentum.

What are the ratings like for the show? 

Astonishingly out of the thousands of television shows listed on IMDb, it is considered to be number 151, which makes it top rated television with 8.6 stars and tens of thousands of people who rated the program. It stands out from many shows that are currently airing, because while there are several historical shows set hundreds of years ago, there are very few that offer such a theatrically good interpretations of @Vikings. While it isn’t entirely historically accurate, due in part to the fact that there are no solid records for the era, and in part to creative license, people still find the show to be a great portrayal of #Vikings. The characters are appealing and keep viewers interested, and combined with great cinematography and directing, it is no surprise that @Vikings is such a highly rated show.

Which awards has Vikings received? 

Vikings has no shortage of award nominations and wins since its inception in 2013. The Primetime Emmy Awards have recognized the special visual effects in the show, and has nominated it for the Outstanding Special Visual Effects award since the show started airing in 2013, among other Emmy nominations. It also took home three awards in 2015 from both the Directors Guild of Canada and the Canadian Screen Awards, for not only their visual effects, but sound, editing, direction, and best international drama. Vikings was recognized by the Irish Film and Television Awards for several nominations in both 2014 and 2015, as well as making three wins. Overall, among the 44 nominations it has received, many are for its visual effects, sound, and compositing. Vikings has won 13 awards since 2013.

Who plays Ragnar? 

The star of the show is Travis Fimmel who earned a nomination in his role for Best TV Hero in 2013 by the IGN Summer Movie Awards. Fimmel grew up in Australia working on his family farm and going to school. After university, he worked as a bartender in London, when he was discovered as an actor by David Seltzer. He always thought film was interesting, so he decided to take his talent to Los Angeles where he received acting coaching. He has since been in the acting world since 2003 and has played a variety of roles, including being featured in the Tarzan series.

Where is the series filmed? 

Although a majority of the series is set in Scandinavia in the early ages of medieval times, most of it is filmed in Ireland. About 70% of the filming is outdoors but it is also partially filmed in Ashford Studios. The studio is fairly new, but the main reason Ireland was selected as the filming venue was due to tax breaks for the location. Some scenes were located in the Irish mountain range known as the Wicklow Mountains, and some background shots are credited to rugged Norwegian landscapes.

March 18, 2016
Valhalla awaits, but Vikings won't be going there any time in the near future, because just 5 episodes into its fourth season History have ordered up season 5. The fifth season is scheduled to have 20 episodes and we here that Jonathon Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) has already signed up for some kind of recurring role in the fifth season. As part of the announcement, History president Jana Bennett described the series and having brilliant writing based on a great depth of historical research which allows the cast and crew to bring some real authenticity to the screen. Production is slated to get underway this summer for a 2017 premiere!
August 1, 2016
Things are about to get even more exciting for Vikings season 5! Former WWE superstar Edge aka Adam Copeland is set to join the cast as a 'fierce and brave warrior' who Floki will choose to lead the Vikings as they voyage to Iceland. Season 5 is set to begin filming this Summer, but in the mean time you can catch the back half of season 4 this coming Fall.
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Mary Ann
Mary Ann
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fabulous!! cant wait for season 5- please hurry- starting to go through withdrawl……