Will Tomorrow When the War Began be renewed for Season 2? Or is its cancellation all but certain?


After garnering a solid fan base from the book series and then the movie that followed, turning Tomorrow, When the War Began into a television series was the logical next step. The series lends to a readymade storyline following the books. The series is about a group of teenagers who went away camping for the weekend only to come back home to discover a war has begun and their families have been captured. Once they get back they have a tough decision to make, return to hide in the woods and stay safe, or go out and fight for their freedom.

Will the first season cover the entire book?

The first season is slated to cover the story of the first book. There is a brief introduction to the characters as they venture out to the outback for their camping trip in the first episode, before their joyous weekend is suddenly long forgotten once they return home to find their families captured and the town in shambles. While their families are in the prison camp, they try to plan an escape so they can reunite with their children, and suspicions arise after the enemy hears conflicting stories about the existence of the teens. As they try to avoid the enemy, they come up with a plan to wreck the bridge from town. The season will end with Kevin bringing Corrie to the hospital after she is shot.

What will happen in the second season if they make one?

The first book left the series open for a continuation, and the series will do just that too. Season two, picking up where book two left off, would likely air next spring. In this season, they find out that Kevin has been captured, and hopefully isn’t giving the enemy any information about the rest of the group. Corrie on the other hand has slipped into a coma, and the rest of the gang continues with their tactics in hopes of eventually making it to the camp where their families are held captive. The romance between Lee and Ellie blossoms, and she experiences internal conflict about her feelings and how a relationship would affect their situation should something bad happen.

How are people reacting to the show?

While the books and movie both received positive feedback from viewers, the series so far has been underwhelming and is receiving lukewarm reactions at best. It comes as no surprise that an on screen adaption doesn’t do a book series justice, but after the movie from 2010 was surprisingly good, people had high hopes that the series would too. So far, people aren’t happy to see the addition of the thickened plot line by adding the behind the gates glimpse into their families, which didn’t happen in the books. This exclusion helped readers and viewers of the movie to connect with the characters and their wondering about what is going on behind the fence. Having the audience know takes that away from the suspense of the storyline. Viewers have also complained that the casting is wrong for the characters and that they don’t match the personalities described in the book.

Should people read the book prior to watching the show?

In this case, it’s probably better to pass on the book prior to watching the show, as it will leave you with expectations for the series that it won’t meet. The television show uses their creative license to go off the route of the original story, but fans who know and love the book series and movie will be disappointed by the direction it heads.

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6 months 14 days ago

Just putting this thought out there

Has the series been stopped as it is too close to the truth of what can happen in Australia with the current relaxed government policies in foreign investment and how foreign business and governments would react if the Australian government toughens foreign policy on selling off Australian resources
Only have to ask the questions which this series raises
Well after all one instance is that the Northern Territory government did sell off Darwin port which is right next to our Defence Naval Base……