Is 'Stalkers Who Kill' Renewed For A Season 2? Here's What We Know So Far

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Stalkers Who Kill is a series that specializes in the thought process of a stalker and what causes that stalker to cross the line to become a murderer. SWK is in its first season and is so far being very well received by viewers who adore criminal mystery shows. This series presents a different take on the criminal mind and what causes the criminal to cross over from stalking to murder. The testimony from law enforcement, family members, and neighbors is a great addition to the show that allows the viewer to have a very unique television experience.

What viewers should expect?

Viewers should expect each episode of SWK to focus on one specific case of where a stalker became a murderer. The episode will interview law enforcement, family members, and friends of the victim with the objective of demonstrating what the stalker did before they decided to kill and perhaps what role the victim had in their ultimate decision to commit murder. Viewers should realize that they will be lured into each and every individual story of the victim and the circumstances surrounding their murder due to the compelling testimony presented on the show.

Viewers who adore a good criminal mystery show that explores the criminal mind along with the punishments that the criminal received in the end will be an avid viewer of #StalkersWhoKill. The reason for this is that each episode is unique and explores the criminal mind of an entirely different stalker who committed murder.

This show also sheds light on an important lesson of what parents should look for if their child is being stalked or is a stalker in order to prevent such crimes from happening in the future. Each episode will dictate the tell tale signs that were previously missed about the change in behavior of victims and their stalkers. Thus, this show is a very valuable program for viewers to enjoy who have an interest in mystery and criminal justice.

Where can I watch #StalkersWhoKill?  

#SWK is a new series on Reelz. Reelz is available on most major cable and satellite providers. For those viewers who miss an episode, they are able to find the most recent episodes on Reelz’s website. Thus, #SWK is a series that is widely available to viewers who are interested in watching the series.

Will there be a second season of Stalkers Who Kill?

Stalkers Who Kill is currently in its first season and is almost halfway through the schedule episodes. The show has been well received by those who love crimes that involve a slight mystery to them. Given how common stalkers are in modern society, this show is a great find for those who want to see when a stalker turns into a different sort of criminal that will commit murder. This is why it is possible the series could be renewed for a second season due to the fact that there are a plethora of cases involving stalkers. Additionally, for those who want to see how to prevent such crimes from happening again, this show is a great resource for viewers to both enjoy and learn from.

What is the best way to learn more about Stalkers Who Kill? 

In order to receive the most up-to-date information relating to Stalkers Who Kill is to sign up for email updates. By doing so, you will be able to have access to important information such as: additional season announcements, spoilers, and episode debut dates. Thus, be sure to consider subscribing to email updates in order to be the first to know about one of your favorite shows.

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11 months 6 hours ago

I was up ALL TUESDAY NIGHT and watched all of the video’s in Season 1 of “STALKERS WHO KILL”!
What an AMAZIN series- every question every person has about the crimes are answered by the professional’s, associated with homicides, who serve to explain the behaviours, of both victim and stalker, that ultimately leads to a murder!
We can ALL LEARN about human behaviour and what to watch for so that the info may serve to warn us of impending doomb- as well and learn, through the tragic deaths of others IN THE SERIES, what to do that may help the stalker to recognize his need to seek help before commits murder.

10 months 24 days ago

I too binge watched the first season and loved it. The stories were so compelling, but I was surprised that none of the episodes featured a woman stalker (remember Jodi Arias?). Also, I like some episodes more than others based on how believable the actors were. I’m looking forward to season 2!!

I do not wish to share my name
I do not wish to share my name
8 months 1 day ago

I noticed that women stalkers where never featured in any episodes. Almost all the episodes with the sole exception of the case of the teenage pedophile seducing a bit younger teenage boy (an 18 year old and a 14 year old, but both males), were male stalkers with female victims. I hope next season has a female stalker. The episodes were really great…the show really shows (no pun intended) the pure terror of dealing with someone that feels entitled to own you.
[email protected]
21 days 23 hours ago

Excellent can’t wait for season 2