It's unclear what The Last Ninja's fate will be since Bravo has not yet announced whether or not it has renewed the series for Season 1


The Last Ninja (El Ultimo Ninja) is a new reality based project that Discovery in Espanol recently announced. In the new series, Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi is the only ninja who is left in the world. Twelve students from varying places around the world come together and are put to a thirty-day test and competition, where the survivors of the battle will “enter Hatsumi’s secret order and become the last ninja”.

Can you tell me more about the premise of the show?

At this point, we do not have a lot of other information about the plot of the show other than that it is a reality based martial arts competition led by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. There will be twelve contestants from around the world who travel to work with grandmaster Hatsumi, and only the survivors will be able to enter Hatsumi’s secret order. How will that play out?

Can you tell me more about Discovery en Espanol?

Discovery en Espanol partners with the Discovery Channel to bring high quality programming to its Spanish-speaking customer. General Manager of U.S. Hispanic stated, “Discovery en Espanol and Discovery Familia offer the best in class non-fiction content to Spanish speaking consumers. Our programming nurtures interests and passions that are relevant to Latinos and that no one else is tending to in the Spanish-language-pay-TV industry. We are proud to once again bring advertisers a differentiated and high-quality Upfront slate, which will satisfy and inspire our audience”.

What other series are currently on Discovery en Espanol?

Some of the returning series on Discovery en Espanol are Alaska Hombres Primitivos (Alaskan Bush People), Hombres del Artico (Yukon Men), Desafio X 2 (Dual Survival), Texas Trocas, Mexicanicos, Fast N Loud (El Duo Mecanico), Diesel Brothers, Secuestrados (House of Horrors: Kidnapped), Instinto Criminal (Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen) and Barrett-Jackson Live.

There will also be some new series on Discovery en Espanol including Acero Sagrado (Sacred Steel), Autos Extremos (Wild Rides Alaska), Harley and the Davidsons and Tarzan Americano (American Tarzan). There will also be some specials in the upcoming season including Pancho Villa: El Mas Buscadom Costa Rica Salvaje (Wild Costa Rica), Manifesto, Operacion Tucan (Toucan Nation) and La Patagonia (Patagonia Edge of Earth).

What do fans think of the upcoming series?

Fans of the Discovery en Espanol network are excited that the network is coming on strong with an abundance of new high quality program. The network is focusing on adventure shows and automotive shows in an effort to appeal to what fans have stated they really enjoy and what they really want out of the network.

What can we expect from the show? Are the currently any rumors or spoilers?

Without a ton of information on the new programming, it is hard to speculate on what we will see. How will the martial arts competition play out between the different contestants? What will Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi bring to the table and will he be able to teach any skills to the fans? How many episodes will there be in the season? How will participants be eliminated from the show? How many rounds will there be? Have you heard any rumors or spoilers about the show? What are they?

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Do you ever watch Discovery en Espanol? Do you watch the English-speaking Discovery Channel? Will you watch this new series when it hits the airwaves? What do you think of a reality series based on a martial arts competition? Do you have any hopes or expectations for the show? Weigh and let us know your thoughts and reactions!

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