Though National Geographic hasn't renewed Street Genius yet, it seems like the series has a good chance of coming back for season 3

National Geographic

Who says that science can’t be fun? National Geographic’s latest offering sets out to prove the hypothesis that experiments can be exciting and thrilling, and takes to the streets to test out the theory. Street Genius (formally known as None of the Above) is the popular science television show that focuses on three main fields of science – namely physics, engineering, and chemistry. Following a similar format of street magicians such as Dynamo and David Blaine, each episode of the 30-minute show – presented by British presenter and engineer Tim Shaw – travels around cities in order to gather unwitting passers-by and crowds of onlookers as he performs his enthralling and often jaw-dropping experiments. Before he begins, Tim asks those involved what they believe the results of the experiment will be from a list of possible answers, and once they are invariably proved wrong, Tim explains what answer was the correct one, and why the others were wrong, using on-screen graphics and animations to help clarify his points. The show first premiered back in the June 1st 2013 in the UK, and featured 20 episodes.

Tim is certainly the right man for the job of explaining science, as at an early age the British Dyslexia Association certified him as a creative genius. By the time he had turned 16, he had invented a series of products that are still in popular circulation now, including rubberised ice cube trays and folding walking aids. He then went on to be awarded a scholarship in Engineering at Oxford University and was voted Young Engineer of the Year twice for his brilliant inventions. Some of the crazy experiments he does on the show include using water-filled balloons to stop a bullet, and utilises a fire extinguisher to build a makeshift rocket launcher.

But as interesting as the show’s content might seem, and as good as Tim could be at demonstrating all of his whacky and wonderful experiments, it doesn’t matter if no one is watching the show, or its getting bad feedback. So how popular exactly is SG, and what are its likelihood of renewal? Well the bad news is that National Geographic has given no official confirmation of a renewal for this year, and it has missed the spring slot where it should have aired. However, the show is listed on various sites as a ‘returning series’ suggesting rumours that National Geographic have it in mind to bring the show back – perhaps in 2017. In addition – as is often the way with National Geographic shows – there are no released numbers in terms of viewership or demographic ratings, so its impossible to know how well the show has fared on the channel. However, review feedback has been quite positive, with the show receiving a respectable 7.7 score on IMDB. There are no review ratings on Rotten Tomatoes or Amazon Instant Video. At this point, with so little to go on, it is too difficult to say whether or not the show will return either later this year or next. Due to it getting a fairly decent score on IMDB and being that it is only 30 minutes long – meaning it wouldn’t take up much scheduling time – a return of Tim Shaw and his insane experiments is a definite possibility.

There are currently no Blu-ray version of #StreetGenius available to buy in stores or online, however you can purchase the DVD on National Geographic’s own website for for $29.95. For some reason you can only get a copy of season 2, an oddity that is repeated on Amazon Instant Video. The web-video streaming service allows you to access season 2 only, paying $2.99 per episode or $29.99 for the 12-episode season. If you want to try and catch the first season, your best bet will be looking for reruns of the show on the National Geographic channel itself, which can be accessed via Sky: 526, Virgin: 266, BT: 317, or TalkTalk: 317.

Do you love a bit of street science, or does it leave you as cold as a frozen test-tube? Have you guessed the right answer for any of Tim’s nutty experiments? Has the show visited your area and have you been involved in any of the sciency shenanigans?

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