Cartoon Network has yet to announce whether or not Supernoobs will return for Season 2

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Navigating that prickly microcosm of the real world, otherwise known as school, where attendance is compulsory and you get to spend the most part of your waking hours, is never easy. Especially since it certainly comes with its very own attendant hurdles such as pranksters, annoying teachers and the like.

Fortunately the close knit, nerdy quartet, at the center of Teletoon’s new cartoon series can rely on their friendship and four alien orbs which they stumble upon by accident to provide them with an edge in turning their daily trials  – whatever, the source, – to triumphs.

Their adventures are narrated in the new cartoon series created by Scott Fellows (a former writer for the Nickelodeon series, The Fairly Odd Parents), which was first aired in November 2015 on Teletoon and Cartoon Network.

Welcome to the world of the Supernoobs made up of Tyler, Kevin, Shope and Roach who win the lottery in a manner of speaking when alien orbs also known as Battle Balls fall into their hands. However, with great power comes great responsibility or in other words, having to face alien viruses with the aid of an organization from outer space known as the Benevolent Alliance in addition to more familiar foes with terrestrial leanings.

The bunch is led by Tyler Bowman (Matt Hill) who also serves as the voice of reason for the group. Quick witted and capable of thinking on his feet, he is also the owner of the blue ball which grants him abilities such as teleportation and telepathic abilities. In spite of his wits and new found powers, he is also somewhat socially awkward which prevents him from asking his crush, Amy Anderson out on a date.

Next in line, comes Kevin Reynolds (Richard Cox). Carefree, pizza loving and a firm believer in saving his own skin, he is also responsible for many of the hair brained schemes the group finds themselves entangled in. As the owner of the red ball, he possesses the ability to morph into animals although he can never quite seem to manage to achieve the desired transformative effect.

The Supernoob’s third member who also happens to be the brains of the group is Jennifer Shope (Tabitha St. Germain), popularly referred to as Shope by everyone else. Although somewhat shy she is capable of asserting herself when the need arises and prefers to think solutions through rather than plunging in recklessly. She wields the purple ball which gives her control over the elements such as water and electricity.

Theodore Roachmont (Lee Tockar) more commonly known as the Roach is the group’s fourth member. The most diminutive member of the bunch, he is also known for his trademark wild red hair which is home to various objects. His special abilities are flight and superhuman strength thanks to the green ball he wields.

Being  a superhero of sorts certainly comes with perks such as getting shapeshifting alien pals to double cross anyone around, family included, on  your behalf –  a resort both Tyler and Shope have had recourse to.

The friendly aliens come in form of  the frequently bickering pair made up of the more taciturn Zenblock (Michael Adamthwaite) and the milder mannered Memnock(Bill Mondy), members of the Benevolent Alliance whose search for allies against the alien virus brought about a chance encounter with the preteens  – who at the time happened to  be dressed in paintball gear –  leading the aliens to mistake them for soldiers and recruit them on the spot. And resulting in more bickering and blame shifting once their error was realized.

Together they must battle the evil Count Venamus who is the representative of the sinister creators of the virus and keep out of his clutches since being caught would mean getting force-fed a dose of said virus.

On a more terrestrial, plane, the #Supernoobs must contend with the bumbling musclebound bully Jock Jockerson (also voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) who has a fondness for referring to himself in the third person and fortunately, is none too bright.

They also have to outwit clueless parents, which for the more unscrupulous of the bunch, means using their newfound powers to prey on their deepest fears and scare them out of their wits – the milder and more angelic of the quartet, such as Tyler and Shope, simply call on Zenblock’s formidable shapeshifting abilities to impersonate the necessary individual, which includes themselves on occasion.

Will the ball wielding quartet be back again to entertain us with their various misadventures for a second season? So far neither its creator nor the channel’s executives have dropped any hints about the show’s future.

However to relive the fun of the episodes which have been aired so far, all you have to do is head over to Cartoon Network’s website where they have all been made available for your viewing pleasure.

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Celia Malba
Celia Malba
1 year 4 months ago

I hope there will be a 2nd season because its been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long since I’d seen new episodes cuz, it’s been one of greatest shows ever in my life.

1 year 3 months ago

Super noobs season 2 will be on August 4 2016

1 year 8 days ago

thats seasons 1 do you mean 2017

5 months 2 days ago

well your all wrong except celia malba i agree with her fully its jun 16 2017 and still no release date but i think it might come out in November