New 'Sensory' TV Show Receives Series Order From CBS


Sensory is a medical drama with a twist. The second medical themed drama pilot picked up by CBS this year, along with Bunker Hill, is based on a real life true story of Dr. Joel Salinas. The green light for the pilot of this show was given earlier this year, making it CBS’s second consecutive year in which they have given the green light to two medical dramas, after they saw the moderately successful drama Code Black which was produced last year.

What is the show about?

The show’s storyline follows the true story of neurologist Joel Salinas who is also a researcher at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. It centers on a veteran neurologist and her protégé who has mirror-touch synesthesia, a neurological trait that allows him to experience and feel other people’s sensations.

Who is producing the show?

Ridley Scott, the man behind epic movies like Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and Hannibal to name a few, will be one of the executive producers of the show along with David Zabel and David Zucker of Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, and Roger Freet of Foundry Media. It is co-produced between CBS TV Studios and Sony Picture’s TriStar Television.

#Sensory was penned by ER vet David Zabel who was also showrunner on PBS’s Mercy Street.

This hour long pilot marks a return of Scott Free to CBS TV Studios. Following the success of Numbers, the banner returned to the show and also increases Scott Free’s relationship with the network. The filming for the pilot will be expected to commence on the 21st of March 2016 – 8th April 2016 and is to be shot in the Pittsburgh area. A decision on the future of the show will be based on the reception of the pilot with a call given by May on whether it will be taken forward or will be rejected.

At the moment, the cast is not yet finalized as the casting call was well underway recently.

So…. Tell me more about Dr. Joel Salinas.

You may be thinking that this seems something straight out of fiction, but it’s absolutely real. This neurologist can sense people’s pain and emotions so he gets to know how they feel before they even tell him. It does sound like it came out of a movie script, but he has a rare condition and has been proven that this condition does live within him.

He says that even as a child, he was able to feel people hugging each other even though he was not the person receiving the hug, or watch a person getting hit and experience the sensation himself. You may think that it is just a form of empathy, but this is very much real and has caused people to wonder on the causes and origins of the same. It is believed to affect only 1% or 2% of the entire population.

He treats his gift like an asset and may cause him to have difficulty in distinguishing his own sensations as different from other peoples.

This has helped him appreciate the difference between reception and perception, making him put efforts into distinguishing what is real and unreal. Just like a super power, this neurologists’ gift makes him physically feel what his own patients feel.

Who is Ridley Scott, one of the executive producers of the pilot? 

Ridley Scott is a world renowned, highly acclaimed film maker, who is responsible for the creation of some of the best known movies produced. The highly popular and well received movie Gladiator is credited to him, along with Blade Runner, Prometheus and more.

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