Celebrity Adventure Club: Is the Travel Channel Series Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Travel Channel

Celebrity Adventure Club is a series of specials currently airing on the Travel Channel. Each hour-long episode hands the camera over to a celebrity, who serves as host in a global journey related to a topic that they are passionate about. From historical facts to new developments to sides of communities that have never been seen before, #CAC takes some of the most popular names in the world and puts them in new and exciting settings. #CelebrityAdventureClub is executive produced by Emmy award-winning Mark Herzog and Christopher G. Cowen for Herzog & Company.

So far, three episodes of CAC have aired, with it not being certain yet how many other specials there will be. The three topics so far include actor Terry Crews returning to his hometown of Detroit. Tired of the negative stereotypes surrounding the city, this episode shows some of the positive changes being made by its residents, ranging from painting murals over graffiti to using community gardens to create new sources of clean energy.

In another episode, Jon Cryer indulges his lifelong passion for space exploration by going from the U.S. to Russia to train with astronauts and learn about the International Space Station, including, experiencing weightlessness and testing his limits in centrifuge. In the third episode, Eric Stonestreet begins his adventure revisiting some of the U.S.’s major World War II sites, starting in Oahu, Hawaii, exploring the Battle of Dutch Harbor in Alaska, and meeting with a WWII veteran in Seattle.

So far, there hasn’t been much critical discussion of CAC, but social media reception has been very positive. Interestingly enough, but perhaps not that much of a surprise, the bulk of the discussion has been about the participating celebrities more than their adventures. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, though. While the Travel Channel has its fair share of homegrown stars, bringing in some outside star power may draw in crossover viewers who are less likely to tune in otherwise.

At the moment, it is hard to try and wrangle down proper ratings data for #CAC. At the time of this writing, three specials have currently aired, with the premiere back in July. This interspersed airing means that it basically falls on the Travel Channel to let viewers know when the episodes will air, which could pose a potential issue. However, this is also being treated as a special rather than an episodic series, so expectations may be a bit different. Reception for the episodes so far has been positive, though, so if Travel Channel find celebrities willing to participate, this show may have legs. The format lends itself to a prolonged series, another positive fact about its future.

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