Comedy Central has announced a new Comedy series, New Timers

Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s web series New Timers, aired for two seasons online. The story focused on two characters, Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin as they make their way through the apocalypse into a post-apocalyptic world. The characters are referred to as caricatures as even with the fall of civilization, they are obsessing over girls who rejected them as well as using one of the rare remaining working power outlets in order to play a video game instead of plugging in a radio to try to establish contact with other survivors. While the web series only aired from 2014 to 2015, Comedy Central announced in March 2016 their new projects they are working on for television and #NewTimers was included in the list. In the television continuance of the web series, the ignorant and illogical duo will continue to stumble through their lives in post-apocalyptic Brooklyn, New York.

The “event” that led to the apocalypse has not been stated in the series and given the oblivious nature of the two main characters, it seems unlikely they could explain or even remember what exactly happened. The web series starts 281 days after the “event” happened, but they have not said whether the new series will begin before or after the web series does, or even if viewers will get a glimpse as to what the “event” was that started everything. It is interesting to have a post-apocalyptic comedy series though, instead of the dramas and horrors that usually cover the end of the world.

Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin are not just the main actors in the upcoming comedy, but also are the original creators, executive producers, as well as the writers of the show. The series will follow how they are living their daily lives as they look for new adventures, friends, and things to do in the post-apocalyptic world. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the web series, Porter said, “They are sort of these interesting cartoon character guys. While the rest of the world is crumbling around them, their clothes are pretty pristine, they symbolize this blissful ignorance and the tenacity of man’s ability to retain normalcy amidst chaos. It’s not 28 Days Later. It’s like 300-Something Days Later. Part of the fun of that is all of the people with the real drive to do something or to fight or change something, they’ve all picked up and left or they’ve all killed each other. In our particular neighborhood, we’ve reached this weird kind of stability and almost routine in the way that not everyone else has. There’s something about that ignorance that lets us survive, that we continue to focus on the mundane.” 

Hankin and Porter have not acted much in their careers, but have directed and written several miniseries, including The Special without Brett Davis among others. It has not been said yet who will be joining Porter and Hankin in the full series since there were not many repeat characters in the web series, outside of Myron, played by Joe Pera. Myron is socially awkward, but obviously more aware of the apocalypse than Matt or Charlie. Myron also brings more to the table than the other two, seeing that he’s actually a doctor and knows how to create gun powder out of garbage. But even he has not been confirmed to appear in the full series when it airs.

There has not been a release date for #NT to air on Comedy Central, but it should be sometime in the next year. In the meantime, you can get caught up on Matt and Charlie’s antics at

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