NBC announced they've greenlit a new series called Marlon. Slated to join the lineup in 2017


If you’re a Millenial, the Wayans brothers are undoubtedly at the forefront of your memories of American comedies. And one half of them (the skinnier one, Marlon Wayans) is teaming up with NBC to give a reboot to the family sitcom with the eponymously named @Marlon, set to air in 2017.

If you’re sitting there wondering who #Marlon Wayans or his family are then its clear you’re either to young to know or have been living under a rock for most of your life. Together with his brother, Shawn Wayans, he has been responsible for some of the most well-known comedy creations of the last 15 years.

First, there was Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. A fantastic satire of the gangster movies that saw strong commercial success in the late 80s and early 90s, especially Boyz N the Hood, the movie set the benchmark for gangster spoof films. Then, there was the Scary Movie franchise, where Shawn played a sexually ambiguous utter and #Marlon a permanently high layabout.

The Scary Movie franchise, created by the pair’s older brother Keenen Ivory Wayans, sparked a series of similarly titled genre parodies, like Date Movie, Epic Movie and Not Another Teen Movie. But none of these came close to the success of Scary movie, partly thanks to the greater wealth of movies to choose from in the Horror genre.

And who can forget the fantastic White Chicks? With the story revolving around the two brothers impersonating two rich, white, blonde sorority queens in order to foil a crime case, it was a raucous delight of hilarity and obscenity.

The show will be loosely based on @Marlon Wayans’ real life, with some fabrication for effect. Comparisons will inevitably be drawn with the hugely successful My Wife and Kids, which starred their other older brother Damon Wayans. Losing count of the number of brothers? Don’t feel alone in this, the family is huge and has been hugely successful in the industry, perhaps one of the most successful families in comedy.

He will play a divorced husband who is juggling the joint custody he shares with his ex-wife, with him being the less equipped of the two to deal with all the challenges and pitfalls that parenting, let alone single parenting, entails.

The NBC blurb describes Wayans’ character as ‘misguided’, ‘loving’ and ‘larger-than-life’, playing a father who is in practice the ‘biggest kid of all’. So, the typical bumbling buffoon father attempting to stumble his way through parenthood. Like Homer, like Peter Griffin, and like his predecessor Damon Wayans’ Michael Kyle, expect a loveable and innocently idiotic father figure as the centerpiece of this new comedy; a classic character with a modern reboot.

We are particularly excited about the new angle that social media stardom will play, as the character Marlon Wayans plays is one with, like Marlon in real life, huge fame on the internet and in popular culture. Seeing how this will play out in a family sitcom has us teeming with excitement.

Other stars are Essence Atkins (A Haunted House, Are We There Yet), while Notlim Taylor, Bresha Webb, Amir O’Neil and Diallo Riddle provide the rest of the cast. Christopher Moynihan co-wrote the show with Wayans, while Rick Alvarex, Michael Rotenberg and Andy Ackerman make up the production and directing team. The production studio is made up of Universal Television, Wayans Brothers entertainment, 3 Arts Entertainment and Bicycle Path Productions.

We can’t wait for one half of the Wayans brothers to be starring in another top class comedy. What’s your favorite Wayans brothers film or series to date?

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