Unfortunately, Travel Channel has not yet officially announced whether or not it has renewed Mysteries At The Museum for Season 12

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It’s time to unleash your inner Indiana Jones! If you’re a fan of ancient myths and mysterious artefacts, Travel Channel’s Mysteries At The Museum should be entirely enthralling. Each episode highlights three mysteries of bizarre relics that totally capture the viewer’s attention and imagination.

Each story begins with the museum where the artefact resides, establishing its current condition before rewinding time to tell its history. These origin stories are often quite unusual. Some ancient items have elaborate theories behind them. The detective approach to history makes each tale exciting and each reveal thrilling.

Curiosity and suspense mounts with each passing moment. Although MM is a documentary series it is anything but boring. Some viewers dread the genre because they assume they will be watching a bunch of talking heads the whole time; however, this provocative series builds the mystery with so much intrigue it absorbs the audience.

Don Wildman hosts MM (as well as Off Limits and Weird Travels). His narration drives each episode, luring us in with elaborate tales of the obscure and important moments that shaped history. Wildman exposes the truth while travelling the globe searching for the most interesting artefacts.

Astounding storytelling is a huge reason why #MM is so compelling. The series sets the stage perfectly, pacing the mystery over its own concise arc. For example, an episode featuring Legionnaires Disease began by presenting an innocuous glass bottle filled with a strange yellow liquid that we’re told could have changed the world. Once it’s revealed that the sample contains parasites that caused the disease, you’re hooked. Excitement ramps up with each revelation that follows. You can’t wait to find out what happened.

A show like this entertains while it teaches. After each episode, the viewer learns a little more about history. The best part is, it was actually exciting. The best documentaries never feel like a history lesson, they feel like a page-turning mystery you can’t put down until the case is solved.

#MM interviews experts on each artefact to get an authoritative perspective. If contentious theories are proposed the series doesn’t present them as fact. If information is based around unreliable eyewitness testimony the fact isn’t hidden from viewers at home. The storytellers are certain to maintain authenticity; however, that doesn’t mean the show will ignore some of the more outlandish and entertaining myths.

A thought-provoking episode explored the theoretical realm of science, telling the tale of a religious doctor trying to prove that we all have a soul by weighing it. The resulting test weighed a person before and after death. The validity of this mystery is purely speculative, but with investigation by experts on the subject, the episode was totally engaging.

Debuting in 2010, #MysteriesMuseum was well received by viewers at home and critics alike. The series has a rather impressive overall IMDB of 8.2 for its entire 11 season run. The most recent season aired this summer, continuing to please the audience. Each episode is totally captivating. The format is so successful there are several Travel Channel spin-offs and specials like Greatest Mysteries, Mysteries At The Monument, Mysteries At The Hotel, Mysteries At The Castle, and Mysteries At The National Parks.

Museums display treasures from long ago, #MysteriesMuseum shines a bright nerdy spotlight on the best gems, highlighting tales filled with intrigue, scandal, and murder. Episodes include stories about Arctic expeditions, stone giants, invisible spies, lethal assassins, dinosaurs, Area 51, and the supernatural. Join the adventure and journey through our sometimes shocking past with dramatic recreations, expert interviews, and archival footage, led by a fascinating narration.

What artefact would you like to see featured next on Mysteries At The Museum? What was your favorite mystery so far? What spin-off would you like to see?

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