Will My Crazy Ex be renewed for Season 4? Or is LMN on the verge of cancelling it?


Flipping through the dial (a.k.a. scrolling through the television guide), LMN’s My Crazy Ex is sure to grab the audience’s attention based on its provocative title alone. The original reality TV series focuses on true relationship disasters, with each episode shining its spotlight on three dysfunctional couples. It’s like the old Michael Douglas movie Fatal Attraction multiplied by three (and minus the story). While there may not be any bunny-boilers that are as extreme as Glenn Close’s character in that Hollywood blockbuster, every week showcases men and women that are best to avoid when it comes to terms of the heart.

#MCE features true life relationship horror stories that would scare even Alfred Hitchcock or Wes Craven. Every couple sets out with the best of intentions; however, sometimes the relationship goes up the river like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. Sometimes love at first sight turns into a nightmare as an obsessive lover stalks their significant other like Freddy Krueger.

Debuting in 2014, the LMN docu-series has already enjoyed a three season run. It continues to be well-received by the audience, earning a solid 7.4 overall rating on IMDB. The title will grab the viewer’s attention, but it’s also interesting enough to keep the audience coming back for more.

Reality television shows like this are often considered a guilty pleasure. #MCE may not be the most talked about show because some of its audience may not want to admit they dine on this sort of metaphorical junk food. However, many viewers have dealt with a deranged lover in a tumultuous relationship. Part of the odd compulsion to tune in is to see what other couples had it worse, and make those at home feel better about their past (or their current partner – seeing it’s not so bad, and could be a whole lot worse).

LMN is an extension of Lifetime Network. The specialty channel has a devoted fan base that flip to the channel with the promise of exciting drama. The network usually targets the female demographic, but a show like #MyCrazyEx can be enjoyed be anyone who’s been unfortunate enough to have a similar experience. Lifetime may be more focused on the drama of made for television movies, but this reality show reminds us that truth is often stranger than fiction. This kind of horror story may be more frightening than The Shining and reinforce the good decision some single people have made when they choose to be on their own.

Since there is no over-arching season-long storyline, viewers can hop in at any point and enjoy any episode on its own. Furthermore, since each episode contains three separate cases of exes to run from, it’s absolutely perfect for channel surfing. For those curious, they can see if it’s appetizing enough with a low risk commitment. Viewers can also watch the series in any order they like and not feel lost as to what’s happening.

#MyCrazyEx uses dramatic re-enactments to tell its stories. While the acting may seem a little cheesy, it adds to the charm of guilty pleasure television watching. Some viewers may be entertained by simply making fun of what’s on screen. For dramatic effect, some of the situations are exaggerated, but despite its unbelievable nature these unfortunate events actually occurred.

The highlighted exes aren’t always what you expect. Each episode may feature the typical ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, as well as former spouses, but may also feature those that have obsessive secret crushes.

MCE includes all kinds of men and women, like personal trainers, gamer girls, librarians, Uber drivers, sci-fi TV fans gone wrong, and sexual blackmailers. Occasionally, unlikely villains reveal themselves (minus the twirling moustache), but for the most part the audience can relate to these bizarre relationships. Guilty pleasure entertainment like this can actually be a lot of fun, it all depends on viewer’s expectations. With devoted watchers and its eye-catching title, MCE is likely to return on LMN.

What was your favorite Crazy Ex featured? What would you like to see next? What other guilty pleasure shows are worth watching?

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