At this time, there has been no official confirmation of either renewal or cancellation of Grand Designs — and we'll probably have to wait a little while for a definitive answer.

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Since 1999, Grand Designs has been showcasing architectural awe, with host Kevin McCloud, the well-known designer and author, guiding viewers through projects from concept to completion. With seven spin-offs to date, including two that are international, this series has proven year after year to be a favorite destination for delightful design possibilities.

Produced by Boundless West (a division of FremantleMedia), the team won a BAFTA Award in 2015 for its outstanding show. Now airing its seventeenth series, #GrandDesigns has become the go-to show for creative modern architecture and stunning interior design. The homeowners featured on episodes often have some sort of budget constriction, but despite the obstacles, the contractors always manage to pull off outstanding feats of building greatness with grace.

What is unique about this show, is that all of the services and suppliers that participate in each build are listed for the viewing public on Grand Design’s official website. That way, if viewers like the quality craftsmanship they see on the episode, they can decide to hire the exact company to work for their next home project.

Series 17 began airing on 21 September 2016 with an episode that featured a spectacularly huge cutting-edge designer tree house in Gloucestershire that was built for £268,000. Other builds featured early in this series are a curved and twisted wooden home uniquely hand-built for only £100,000 in South Cornwall, and an ultra-modern black block home with separate artist studio in Essex.

One stand-out episode to catch this series takes viewers to Pembrokeshire, where Simon and Jasmine Dale only had £500 to begin building an Eco-friendly family home in the rural hills. The goal was to not purchase new building materials, but rather recycle, repurpose, and forage for supplies with the help of hundreds of volunteers with expertise from all over the globe. Greenhouses, heating beneath the floor, and a wide open plan are all on the table. The couple are also planning a self-sustaining Eco-village they call Lammas, which, with government support, must prove that it can be sufficient within the span of five years. If not, their seven acres run the risk of being revoked, so the stakes are high to pull this project off.

Reviews have always been strong for this show, and users on IMDb rank #GD at a very high 8.6 out of 10 with over 1,000 votes cast. Commenters praise Kevin McCloud for creating such a wonderful series, filled with insightful ideas, unique properties, and technologically amazing design work.

#GrandDesigns airs on Channel 4, Wednesday nights at 9pm. You can also get more information about the suppliers, watch episodes, and flick through pictures of the builds at While there have not been any official announcements about a series 18 in production just yet, there will likely be more of this show in the future, as long as Kevin McCloud is willing and able to host.

Have you been a huge fan of this fabulous design series since the start? Do you hope the programme will continue for several more years? Which of the builds is your favorite from this series so far?

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