FX announced the commission of a new Crime series Trust


Upcoming television series Trust will be a limited series drama about John Paul Getty III, and his history as an oil heir. Taking a critical look at the power of money and what it does to people, be they wealthy or struggling financially. The project highlights the three generations of the Getty family, and the terrifying experiences they went through. The show has a very accomplished team of production crew, including members of the crew from the award winning Slumdog Millionaire. The show is set to air on FX, but no release date has been released yet. It is an interesting look at the history of the Getty family, and will be a likely hit with history buffs.

What companies will produce the show? 

The show is going to be produced by FX Productions, Cloud Eight Films, Decibel Films, and Snicket Films Limited. FX Productions is most notably known as of late for their work on Sons of Anarchy, American Crime Story, and Archer. Cloud 8 is fairly new to the production scene, and worked on 127 Hours, Trance, Selma and Steve Jobs, along with a couple upcoming films for 2017. Decibel Films worked on the same productions with the exception of Selma. Snicket Films is a fairly unknown contender in the production field, so they’re hoping this projects helps them to get their name out there.

Who is working on the project? 

Simon Beaufoy, Danny Boyle and Christian Colson are slated to work on the project. The trio previously worked for FX in 2013 for the miniseries Telemark, but the show never made it to television. Bole and Colson collaborated on Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. Beaufoy got his start as a writer in 1993, but is most notably known for writing Slumdog Millionaire. Most recently, he wrote Battle of the Sexes, which is currently filming. Boyle has worked on several big names, such as Trainspotting, The Beach, 28 Days Later and Steve Jobs as well.

How will the show start out? 

The first installment of the show highlights the kidnapping of 16-year-old Getty in 1973. His family refused to pay the $17 million ransom despite a desperate latter from the teenager, and the ominous receipt of his severed ear. As months passed, and the ransom lowered, the family finally was able to pay the $3 million for his return. His grandfather J. Paul Getty had lost a significant amount of his wealth by then, and was able to pay for most of it, while his son paid for the remainder of the ransom.

Who is John Paul Getty III? 

Known as Paul Getty, he is the grandson of Jean Paul Getty, an oil tycoon. His father John Paul Getty, Junior was the head of the Italian division of the oil business. He was expelled from school in 1971, and parted ways from his father, making a living by making jewelry, painting and small acting gigs, until his kidnapping in 1973. After being captive for over five months and having one ear cut off, his family was finally able to pay the ransom, but only the amount that was tax deductable. He later had reconstructive surgery on the ear. He ended up abusing alcohol and drugs and became a quadriplegic due to complications from an overdose.

Are there any similar shows about oil empires? 

It’s a fairly specific topic, but AMC announced a show called The Son at about the same time that #Trust was announced. Backyard Oil on Discovery and Black Gold feature the highlights of oil drilling. Blood and Oil is another popular show, alongside the fictional show Dallas.

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