HGTV has renewed its critically acclaimed Home Renovation series Flipping Virgins for a Second season


Flipping Virgins is an American reality documentary series, hosted by Egypt Sherrod that aired its premiere episode on September 15, 2015 on the cable channel HGTV. The series features the host, Egypt Sherrod, a fifteen year veteran house-flipper, as she helps those who are new to navigate the world of house flipping. Included are the unexpected pitfalls of the initial purchase of the property, to the inherent unforeseeable problems that come up during the renovation, to the eventual hope of selling the property for a profit. Egypt instructs the participants on how to purchase a potential fixer upper, and when renovating how to stay on budget, while also navigating the novices through the unpredictable, cut throat world of real estate. She shows these first timers which risks are worth taking, and which to just pass on by, while all the time maximizing their money and their investment.

The show is currently still airing its first season on HGTV on Tuesdays at 11p. The last episode aired, that a synopsis can be found on, was episode four titled “Sister Flip”, which just as the name implies involved two sisters entering the house flipping world. Having never owned property themselves, this sister duo of Kristy and Shelley feel that they have what it takes to make the plan work. Enter expert and guru Egypt Sherrod. When the sisters claim to be ready to get down and dirty on their project, it is realized that to them down and dirty means hiring contractors to get it done. With a sitting down, Egypt lessons the duo in something called sweat equity, and what it entails. When the demolish gets underway, the sisters are plagued with as many questions as there are gaping holes on the project. Finally, after making some mutual financial decisions, the entire project is threatened to have the brakes put on it, and headed in the reverse direction.

As of this writing, there is very little to be found on #FlippingVirgins on the IMDB website, which in and of itself is unusual. There was a rating to be found on that shows a meager 2 out of 5 stars. This rating would indicate that the series is not connecting with the viewers, and as of such is not faring well in its timeslot. Also of this writing, nothing could be found in the way of ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic sites. So, what could this mean? With most series, there are at least some ratings to be found somewhere and most usually on the IMDB site. One stands to wonder why they viewership chooses not to rate the series. Is it that it is still so new, and hasn’t finished up its entire first season yet? Or maybe the series, like stated before, is not connecting with the viewership, so there is no opinion to be expressed one way or the other. There are not many critic or viewers reviews to be found either. Most of the viewers feel that a four episode “season” is not sufficient to determine if the series is one they would stick with, although they did mention that they did try watching the show having followed the hostess Sherrod to it. They were an established fan base of another show she participated in, and her name value is what brought them to #FV. But, you have to ask yourself is that is enough to keep the series going. If the stories are not there, and the interest is not maintained, then it would not matter who did or did not host the series.

The upside is that FV has been announced to be getting a second season of eight episodes. Although it is not currently showing on the HGTV channel schedule, it is slated for a return in the 2016/2017 season, with the date and time of airings to be determined and announced at a later date. If you would like to catch the first season’s episodes, they are currently still being aired over on HGTV.

What do you think we can expect in the new season? It is obvious that Sherrod will remain the hostess of the series, but do you think that maybe the whole endeavour would be better served with the introduction of a co-host? If nothing else, to bounce ideas off each other, and maybe combine their experience for a whole new look? What type of properties would you like to see featured? Perhaps those properties needing more TLC or those needing somewhat less TLC? Maybe even not so much homes, as much as a few office buildings or such, would that not be interesting?

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