Production has begun on Season 12 of Dragon’s Den Canada! The series is set to premiere in Fall 2017


Prepare For More of the Dragons!

Dragon’s Den is making more deals happen in Canada on the eleventh season of this hugely popular show. Sony Pictures Television has been setting up franchises all over the globe, and its not slowing down any time soon.

Known worldwide by different names, all of them themed as predator animal dwellings (Shark Tank in the US, Lion’s Den in Kenya and Germany, and the original title, borrowed from its Japanese original, Dragons’ Den) this show is becoming a global sensation. There are also local versions airing in Saudi Arabia, Australia, the UK, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Ireland, South Africa, Denmark, and now much of Latin America as well.

This reality show gathers eight of the most promising budding entrepreneurs in Canada who are ready to pitch their ideas in the den of five Dragons, hoping they will catch a deal and someone will invest. These are real businesses and real investors, many times the deals are negotiated post-show, and they are always subject to legal scrutiny off-camera before any final deal is made.

The Dragons are vastly knowledgable, and aren’t going to take just any pitch. Once they call “I’m out,” it’s up to the other Dragons to pick up the entrepreneur or they risk being completely passed over. Some of the pitchers are Canadian start-ups, and others are solid businesses looking for a leg up and some revamping in exchange for a percentage of the profit.

Each winning offer adds work to the already full plates of these Dragons, who now must mentor and guide the entrepreneurs they pick up. This extra effort has caused some turn-over in the den over the years, which seems very natural, but it is possible this has also affected viewership a bit. The show has traditionally enjoyed an average of over a million viewers weekly, and has often made the Top 30 list.

It may sound like a difficult task to cast new Dragons who are both good on camera and with the books, but this show has managed to collect some of the best. Season 11 premiered on October 5, 2016, and features the following returning Dragons: Jim Treliving (co-owner of Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube), Michael Wekerle (CEO and Founder, Difference Capital), Joe Mimran (Club Monaco and Joe Fresh), Manjit Minhas (CEO, Minhas Craft Brewery), Michele Romanow, (famed internet entrepreneur).

Fans of the show have stood by it season after season, seeing it more as an educational show than merely entertainment. IMDb voters rank the series at 7.5 out of 10 with nearly 700 votes cast. That is pretty high for a reality show. Viewers have commented that Dragon’s Den has kept it fresh over the many years by changing up the Dragons. They say it helps the believability of this reality series, and offers fresh perspective on how different investors view entrepreneurs.

Most viewers highly enjoy seeing the vast array of pitched business ideas, observing that it is often the simplest ideas which snag the deals. However, some have mentioned that the Dragons can have harsh attitudes toward the entrepreneurs, sometimes belittling them unnecessarily, causing undue disrespect and havoc, making this show seem little more than a platform for berating those beneath them.

CBC has yet to announce whether or not they will renew this show for season 12, but as long as the viewership holds steady and the Dragons stay in the den, there’s no reason it won’t.

Dragon’s Den airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on CBC.

Which of the Dragons has been your favorite over the years? How many of the entrepreneurs could you see actually making it in the big bad world of business? Do you hope this series is renewed for season 12?

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January 20, 2017
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