The Eleventh season of the Comedy series Don Matteo will premiere in 2017


Don Matteo is an Italian television series, which originally aired on January 7th, 2000.  The show, which has now been on the air for ten seasons, was originally released on the RAI network. The show is in Italian but is featured with English subtitles. The series is based around the main character, Father Matteo, a Catholic priest and former missionary who solves crimes in and around the Italian town of Gubbio.

Father Matteo, (played by Terrence Hill), is accompanied by his best friend, policeman Marshal Antonio Cecchini (played by comedian Nino Frassica), who frequently slips his buddy confidential information about cases – much to the chagrin of the police chief who does not support the partnership at all. Father Matteo is easy going and well respected among the townspeople of the beautiful mountain village. He seems to have an ability to help people and to understand what they are going through.

Who is this Father Matteo guy? 

#DonMatteo is seemingly willing to help just about everyone – from the homeless, to the immigrants, to the unemployed. The charming star of the show is engaged in a never-ending pursuit of justice. One of the things that really make this show stand out is that beyond this persistent and determined pursuit of justice, Father Matteo has a desire to help criminals find a path to redemption and always leaves them with words that will help to bring hope to their situation despite their past and troubled actions.

Father Matteo seeks to help the criminals take responsibility for their actions. His easygoing nature allows people to feel comfortable enough around him to reveal their secrets to him when they do get in trouble. The show has been described as portraying a sense of “redemption and humanity that will bring inspiration, a chuckle, and a smile”.  The series is light hearted and family friendly.

Why do the Fans Keep Coming Back for More? (Why You Should Check it Out)

Americans have described the series as being addictive and fun to watch despite the fact that the show is in Italian with English subtitles. The show is a feel good show. There is no blood, guts, sex, or profanity – it is based purely off of good storylines and a little bit of comedy. And why is it exactly that a Priest, of all people, is solving all of the murder mysteries in town? It appears that the police department is simply too incompetent to handle it. Father Matteo rides a bike around town while wearing a cassock. The show has been described as silly and charming, the soundtrack as delightful, and the scenery as beautiful. For a show that is a murder mystery, it is surprisingly focused on “morality, fairness and kindness, family and love”.

Where Can You Watch It? (If you live in America)

The series is syndicated in the United States by MHz Networks, which is a global media company that specializes in “presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences”. DM is also available to order on DVD. If you go on to the MHz Networks website, you can view a listing of the broadcast areas in the United States and what channel to find the series on.

And If You Live in Italy?

New episodes of #DonMatteo air on Rai 1 on Thursdays at 9:20pm

Spoiler Alert! 

The spoilers can be hard to find for the series because most of them are in Italian! What do us English speaking folk know about what could happen this season? #DM will meet Laura and Tomas who may bring an air of romance to the small Italian village. After almost dying in the season nine finale, Natalina will be very much alive and bustling in season ten. There also very well could be a new love interest in town for the Captain by the name of Margherita. There are also rumors that an inmate will be on leave, which will cause a bit of ruckus around town and Julius will face a big challenge this season from a new character. Only time will tell what other new characters will be introduced or how the plot will unfold. Keep coming back for more updates!

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sheila sperber
sheila sperber
1 year 6 months ago

will there ever be English subtitles on the don matteo on-line videos?

Gerrie Livingston
Gerrie Livingston
6 months 5 days ago

What happened to Flavio Insinna and Milena Miconi after their wedding on Don Matteo? How was he written out and when.