We still don't know if Buying the Bayou will return for Season 4. Destination America has yet to announce whether the show has been renewed or cancelled

Destination America

Born on the Bayou.

Swamps are both beautiful and creepy, mysterious and murky, and while most Americans may want to visit them to take in the diverse natural habitat and experience the amazing wildlife, it takes a dedicated swamp-fanatic to want to live there.

On the show, the folks who desire a swampy existence are matched up with expert agents who are equally as emphatic about these gator gulches, and they will stop at nothing to find their clients the perfect niche property. The excited home buyers are shown three very different styles of homes, and once they have shared their lists of pros and cons for each with the agent and viewers, they make a final decision on their bayou dreamland.

In some cases, the more rustic and run-down the better, as these people are looking for a picture perfect home on the bayou. The majority of these places end up being in Louisiana, but the entire run of the bayou, from the coasts of Florida to Texas, have been featured on the show.

In a revealing phone interview with Sara Helman, Destination America’s executive producer for the show, she explained: “There’s a very specific look to how the bayou is, the swamp, the trees. It almost looks mystical. We thought we could really capture that. We’re also excited about capturing the people there, their love and passion for the outdoors and being on the water, and that type of lifestyle.”

Success in the Future?

Buying the Bayou has held steady viewership during its three-season history, although there has been a natural decline since its debut season’s success of 3.1 million total viewers. The show has an average rating by viewers, with IMDb voters ranking the series at 6.3 out of 10 with nearly 30 votes cast. Most viewers tune in to enjoy the natural landscapes and meet interesting characters who feel that the swamp is more of a home than the Midwest cookie-cutter suburbs.

Paper Route Productions and Destination America teamed up to bring fans of home purchasing shows this ultimate location-specific house-hunt spectacular, as the second in a growing ‘buying’ franchise. These speciality real-estate shows have been exceptionally fruitful for the network, and now that #BB is through its third season, the big question is whether or not it has a future.

Neither the production house nor the network have made any official announcements about a fourth season, but there’s no reason to believe this show will be axed, with all the interest in the region and never a shortage of buyers willing to be on a reality TV series. BB airs on Destination America. Episodes are also available for streaming or download from Amazon Digital, Vudu, and the iTunes Store.

Have you enjoyed watching this destination series since the beginning? Which of the featured properties do you think you would want to live in? Are you going to tune in for next season (if there is one)?

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Brenda G Tucker
Brenda G Tucker
6 months 7 days ago

Love the show!! Please renew!!