Why don't we know yet whether or not Bedrag Season 3 is happening? DR1 has not announced either way


Welcome to the world of corporate financial crime in Denmark, where the economic misfortunes of many are turned into the wealth of the few. Bedrag is a crime drama that exposes the lengths that criminals will go to, and the law enforcers who are prepared to stop them.

Danmarks Radio (DR) produces this break-through Nordic-Noir series created by Jeppe Gjervig Gram. He also leads the team of writers that have woven tight webs of espionage, swindling, corruption, laundering, and just about any other economically-themed criminal act. Visually stunning, the cinematography has been praised by reviewers and fans of the show, and that is all credited to the director, Per Fly, best known for another DR series titled Forestillinger, which won him awards.

The English title is Follow the Money, which is highly appropriate; a catchphrase popularized by the American film, All The President’s Men, which highlights the idea of a money trail through the political system. The first season was well-received in Denmark when it debuted in January 2016, and was quickly picked up by distributors in the UK and aired on BBC Four beginning in March 2016, followed by Finland’s network, Yle Fem, in April 2016. The Dutch network VARA, the Belgian network Canvas, the Canadian network CBC, and the Australian network SBS, also purchased the series, and all of these nations began airing season 1 by mid-2016.

The premise, along with the killer cast, is what makes this show stand out from most of the other Danish productions that have found audiences in other nations in the past. Detective Mads Justesen, played by Thomas Bo Larsen, gets involved in an investigation when a dead body is connected to big-money wind-farm corporation, Energreen. Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Alexander “Sander” Sødergren, the head of Energreen (spoiler: he doesn’t make it to season 2), will stop at nothing to ensure his plans are pulled off.

New face to Danish small screens, Natalie Madueño, stars as Claudia Moreno, the young lawyer at Energreen, who is pivotal to pulling off some major scams. Madueño shared her thoughts about the success of this show in a recent interview: “I think that one of the big differences between Follow the Money and other Nordic Noir shows is that it is not a series about who did it. It is a series about how did they do it. I find it very interesting to concentrate on that aspect of it so the story can be seen from an alternative point-of-view.”

Season 2 premiered on 25 September 2016 and aired it’s finale on 27 November 2016 after 10 episodes. Instead of revolving around the criminal activity surrounding the wind-power industry, where money chasers banked on the despair of global warming, season 2 focuses on peer-to-peer transactions and loans in a bank. Both Claudia Moreno and Detective Mads return this season, along with most of the same supporting cast and a couple new faces portraying The Absalonsen’s, with David Dencik as Simon Absalonsen and Sonja Richter as Amanda Absalonsen.

The second season has already finished airing in Denmark on DR1, but has yet to air in the other countries, and there haven’t been any official announcements about future seasons being produced. With a growing interest in the show, there should be at least a third season coming, if not more.

Wondering when this series will air in the US? Chances are it won’t, as the production companies Endemol Shine Studios-Anonymous Content are ready to remake it for US audiences soon.

Have you watched the first season of this amazing crime drama? Which of the main characters was your favorite? Do you want to see the series renewed for more seasons in the future?

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Mandy from Leicester England
Mandy from Leicester England
7 months 19 days ago

I came across this series by complete accident and I’m so glad I did.I have absolutely loved both seasons of follow the money. The second season was just as good as the first.What a cliff hanger to leave us on in the season finale. Thank you to BBC4 for bringing this to our screens in England. Now I can’t wait for season 3.

7 months 16 days ago

Best Nordic noir series!! There’s got to be season 3, don’t leave us hangingggg

7 months 15 days ago

Didn’t think season 2 would be able to match the giddy heights of season 1, particularly with Alexander Sodergren …. [no spoilers!] But it turned out to be fabulous! And although it ended extraordinarily well (endings are the most difficult things to get right), and usually I hate these things to be padded out ad infinitum, I would love to see what Nicky gets up to next!

6 months 3 days ago

Excellent series & though the very words “conspiracy theory” have succesfully come to denote contemptuous nonsense, very interesting to see some very big stuff dealt with here in terms of things like financial collapse & who may be gaining from such phenomena. Brilliantly acted, would love to see a third series.

Brigitta West
Brigitta West
5 months 4 days ago

Excellent, intelligent series. Have season season 1 & 2 on DVD and have watched both a second time.
favorite character: toss up between Mads and Alf. Claudiai Moreno excellent new young talent! Season 3 please, as soon as possible.

2 months 9 days ago

I love Bedrag. One of the best TV series. I’m watching it in RTP2 the best portuguese channel. Greetings from Portugal. *