New 'My Time/Your Time' TV Show Receives Series Order From CBS


The creators of the hit show How I Met Your Mother are back with a new comedy looking for love. My Time/Your Time is in the works by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and is another love story with a twist. MTT is the story of two people in a long distance relationship. The couple, Marla and Wade, are working out how to make it work with Marla living in New York City and Wade in Los Angeles. Marla is an optimistic artist wanting to be a playwright, but not fully wanting to commit to the life of a starving artist. Wade is having a wakeup call after having everything in his life come easy to him.

Wade is going to be played by Nicholas Braun, who is best known probably for his role in the ABC Family series 10 Things I Hate About You. But if this series is a success, Braun could have a more well-known career and become a household name. Opposite of Braun is going to be Jane Levy in the role of Marla. Levy was a breakout star of the ABC comedy series Suburgatory and her comedic timing and presence should fit the role of Marla well. Also in the cast lineup is Utkarsh Ambudkar, best-known for his work on The Mindy Project as Mindy’s brother Rishi. In #MyTime/YourTime, Ambudkar will play Wade’s friend and co-worker Jay. Jay is set to be someone who appears to be a slacker, but is actually a serious and ambitious person.

#MyTime/YourTime is based on a web series 7P/10E by Avital Ash. The name of the web series refers to the time difference between the East and West Coasts, which is also reflected in the new title #MTT. The web series is described as “a scripted romantic comedy following two people getting to know each other from across the country via four minute skype dates every night.” From the description on the show’s website, it seems like the couple did not meet prior to living in different locations and it is not clear what the set-up will be for the couple on the new series. The web series was a mini-series that you can watch in its entirety on YouTube if you are up for binge watching. There are 31, 4-minute segments with a 30 second finale, so really it is not that bad of binge watch if you go for the whole thing in a sitting. In a review of the show by Abdi Nazemian, it was said, “The creators take the beats of a romantic comedy – meeting the friends, meeting the parents, awkward first sex – and apply them touchingly to this virtual relationship.” From the sounds of it, it will be this exact situation that we will be seeing in the show.

The big difference between the web-series and the pilot in production, outside of the budget, is the longevity of the show. The web-series has the advantage of having an end in sight. The fans are not going to trudge on through the difficulties of a long distance relationship for years. But with a full show, who knows how long the two characters can go on for. Will this mean that the show does not have a long future? Hard to say this early in the game, but it does seem like the show will need more meat on it than Skype dates. And since the web-series was only in 4-minute conversations, we can expect to see more of the characters outside of their Skype conversations.

There is no release date for the pilot yet, but it seems likely to be headed for the fall lineup of new comedies.

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