While Logo TV has yet to announce an official ruling one or another on the fate of Beautiful As I Want To Be season 2, there is definitely some cause for concern

Logo TV

There has been a massive effort on the part of activists and progressives of our age to push forward societal acceptance of transgender individuals. Logo TV’s digital series, Beautiful As I Want To Be, could be considered the television expression of this movement. A feel-good and inspirational ride, the show leaves you with an optimistic outlook, and provides us a story of finding oneself in the world. Something we can all empathize with.

The show has enlisted the help of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner and the world’s most famous trans person. Her story has thrown the discussion around trans people and trans acceptance into the limelight and expect it to be the gay civil rights of its time over the next decade.

It has received praise from many media circles and outlets, notably for its brave topic and sensitive approach to such a daunting subject for most people. Newspapers like Huffington Post and Entertainment weekly have commented on its positive role in inspiring others to be comfortable in their own skin. If you were a fan of old MTV shows like Switched you will appreciate this show for its style and substance.

The show focuses on a young person who has recently come out as trans. It gives them the tools needed to feel comfortable in their body. A professional photoshoot along with a makeover and accessorizing session is the staple format of the show. Additional to this, there is extensive conversation among the show’s participants and the show’s presenters, Geena Rocero, as well as other trans professionals.

The professionals are trans people who have established themselves in the media industry or in other professions where one might normally find it difficult to do so. The conversations between participant and presenter, or mentor as the show refers to them, are refreshing, honest and at many points very enlightening. Geena Rocero is a trans model who has seen massive success in her professional life and has proved an inspiration for other trans people. She brings a genuine and warm tone to the show.

Logo TV use their prolific standing and contacts in the media industry to hook the participants up with the best professionals in the industry, with the photographers have not only the skills but also the sensitivity to ensure a wonderful experience for the participant.

The show’s first season aired last year, with four short episodes delving into the lives and stories of young trans people and their strength in the face of discrimination. While producers are tight lipped about a new season, the praise the show has received and its almost revolutionary subject matter could ensure that Logo TV seize on this and create a full series with longer episodes and more wide-ranging stories.

Receiving special recognition from the GLAAD Media awards will also hold it in good stead, as the accolade has ensured it’s a widely acknowledged series. As trans acceptance becomes a bigger and more widely supported movement demand for this sort of show will skyrocket, ensuring that even if there isn’t a renewal of this particular series (though we are fairly certain there will be) some show like it will certainly spring up.

The show ran from October to November last year, so there is still time for an official announcement for a new one if it’s planned for the same time of the year.

Are there any trans people you know that deserve to have their story covered in #BeautifulWantBe? Do you think the show could move into other areas, like non-binary, or even move outside the USA to focus on trans people in other countries? Subscribe for updates and alerts, to be the first to know about a new series.

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