Unfortunately for worrywarts, American Tarzan Second season hasn't been officially announced

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Fans of Survivor and American Ninja Warrior take notice! There’s a new athletic-based reality television competition show from Discovery Channel called American Tarzan. In this exciting new series, seven athletes take on the ultimate journey racing through the jungles of a remote Caribbean island. They must not only survive all the obstacles that Mother Nature throws at them, but these skilled contestants must also overcome each other to win.

Those willing to test their limits have their work cut out for them with AT’s version of an ‘amazing race.’ Contestants will rush through lush forests, chasing each other across the land and raging rapids. This incredible journey takes them through the jungle, along the coast, up mountains, and over canyons.

The race itself is just one element to the punishing obstacle course. This isn’t a four-hour chase to the finish line, this intense test of will and skill is spread across days, with competitors surviving off the land and sleeping high up in the treetops.

Tarzan, as created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, has been celebrated for over a century. The name is still instantly recognizable to this day. A recent big budget Hollywood remake just screened at the mega-plexes earlier this summer and another potential blockbuster version is already on the way. Tarzan’s iconic bellow is unforgettable. Even those that have never watched or read the Tarzan story, they know about him and his famous call to the wild. For those seeking the title of AT, the task will be much more difficult than swinging from a vine and yelling.

Debuting this summer, five men and two women tackled the massively punishing challenge that is #AT. Failure to complete any obstacle automatically resulted in disqualification and exit from the race. It takes all kinds of skill to complete even one obstacle. What combination will result in a victor for “the world’s most extreme obstacle course”?

The five-episode first season starred an impressive roster of skilled ‘ninjas’. From the first episode, the audience will form an impression and pick their favorite underdog to root for. These warriors aren’t muscle-bound action heroes or Olympians who trained their whole life for this specific event, they are regular people who enjoy everything from hiking in the wilderness to running and jumping from one building to another as parkour free-runners. Contestants have varied careers ranging from a personal trainer and an E.R. Nurse, to a stay-at-home dad and a bartender.

#AmericanTarzan stands on it own when compared to other action-packed adventure reality television shows. This exciting new series isn’t focused on relationship drama like the mega-popular Amazing Race, or the backstabbing schemes of the iconic Survivor, this is focused on the actual challenge itself.

For fans of competition shows that test who is the strongest and toughest, Discovery Channel’s entry into the sub-genre is sure to satisfy. Although Tarzan is in the title, there won’t be challenges related to talking with animals or anything, it’s all about testing and stretching the limit of the human spirit.

It wasn’t that long ago when our ancestors had to face the wild, battling for survival with all the other predators and prey of the animal kingdom. Today, with all of the modern conveniences of daily life, we don’t need to challenge ourselves in the same way. New challenges are created to test our boundaries, from introspective walkabouts to gruelling marathons.

Combined with all the excitement of a race through the jungle, across rivers, and over mountains, and the smaller budget with limited production time, Discovery Channel should renew #AmericanTarzan for another season. The specialty network may very well have a long-running hit on their hands.

Who is your favorite #AT competitor? Where would you like to see the race take place next? What is your favorite competition show that tests human boundaries?

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