Homeland Season 7 Episode 10

S7E10 Clarity

Air Date: Sunday Apr 15, 2018 on Showtime.

Episode viewer ratings from IMDb: 7.3*.

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Episode Recap

Maggie speaks the truth when under oath: Whatever Carrie thinks right now about prioritizing Frannie, in six weeks or whenever, it will wear off when Saul comes with another mission. Hell, it’s already worn off because Saul has come with another mission and after some reluctant second-guessing, Carrie passed on it. For now. We as viewers want her on that mission, and for the show to continue, she needs to be on it. So Maggie is right. But that mercurial nature tells me that even if Carrie is far too eager to say “thank you” to Maggie this week, that too will turn again. Maggie, even if it was for the best, took away Carrie’s child. Agreeing on visitation rights every other week may bury the hatchet, but it will always still be there, festering. Carrie can never let that go, nor <...> - by Den of Geek [David Crow]


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